What to Wear to Look Good In a Hip Hop Event

You managed to get an invite to a hip hop event soon but you have no absolutely no idea what should you wear for a hip hop event as you never attend one! You are freaking out and are wrecking your closet to find something to wear that will make you fit in with the crowd without looking too awkward. You do not want them to know that you do not know what to wear! Well fear not, we will help you to make the task easier! We have some tips for those who are in desperate need for some help! Here are some of the tips!


If you are a guy…you are going to need these things..

1. A good T-Shirt

A good T-shirt is a must have in every guy’s closet. (You certainly can get a good T-shirt from TipTopBandit so what are you waiting for?) It is usually a shirt that fits perfectly and has cool design or it can just be a plain white shirt to show off your guns (or just to make you look cool la) Here are some good examples of what you can get.

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2. A jeans that fit and a sick kick

This is another must have for the guys. Get those jeans that fit just right and pair it up with some sick kick. (You can even wear rip jeans if you want to looks even edgier!) You will get the girls and even the boys’ attention if they are into your shoes! (or a different kind of attention… like jealousy because they want your shoes hahaha) If you really do not want to wear jeans, you can use that comfy sweat pants you have, instead of wearing it to gym and use it as your pajama pants.

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If you are a girl…you are going to need these things…

1. A crop top & shorts or skinny jeans

Crop top had been trending for so long and it is still going strong! It is perfect for events like this! Pair it up with high waist shorts or skinny jeans! If you do not fancy crop top, you can wear a baggy logo shirt and tuck the front part in your jeans or shorts! You can also rock an oversize T-shirt as a T-shirt dress. Here are some examples that you can follow.

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2. Good shoes

You honestly do not want to be wearing your killer high heels at this moment. You will usually be singing and dancing throughout the party so make sure you have comfortable yet cute shoes to go with your outfit! You do not want a blister after dancing a little too much right! Yikes blister is a painful thing to have!

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But the most important thing to have is wear your outfit with confidence! That will make your outfit from good to 1000 times better! Don’t worry too much if your outfit is going to make you fit in or stand out from the others, you are there to have some fun so you should have fun and enjoy yourself to the fullest!

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