Who Is The Umbrella Girl?

Yesterday a picture of an advertisement in the classified section of the newspaper went viral because everyone wants him to find his umbrella girl.

If you are wondering what is the classified section, it is the section that you will look through if you are looking for jobs, car or lorry to rent and more things that you probably need to contact someone one day. Or if you are like me, you usually will browse through the classified section because you are just bored.

A Sabahan, known as Gan according to his ad is looking for a lady that he met on the 9th of May 2017, the historic election day in one of the polling station in Sabah. His exact words were “I’m Gan looking for the lady that I met in the St Francis Secondary School polling station on election day.”

He also said that the lady was sweet and kind as she had sheltered him from the hot sun with her umbrella as they were waiting for their turn to vote. He failed to get her number as they were separated during the voting process.

If you think you are the umbrella girl and you are reading this right now, Gan is looking for you! The Star had contacted Gan and according to them, Gan said that “I have been thinking about this lady for months and I just want to be friends with her. I have no ill intentions but to sincerely find a friend whom I can hang out with.” He also added, “I can’t get her off my mind. I hope to see her again, maybe go out for a cup of coffee.”

If you are wondering how to contact Gan, here is a picture of the ad he posted on the classified section. He did leave his phone number so you reach him, if you are the umbrella girl…

(source: TheStar)

Let’s hope that Gan will meet his umbrella girl and maybe they will be good friends! (Or maybe something more! Because this is so sweet, sweeter than all the milk tea you can find in Sabah.)

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