EZY Box store: Malaysia's first unmanned store opens in KK!

Neila Maryam

 Well here’s something you don’t see every day. Could it be that we are just one step closer to flying cars and robot butlers?

So get this: Imagine shopping at a store with no one manning the counter, what are your first thoughts? You’d probably wonder if the shop’s open… Just think otherwise at the new EZY Box store at Riverson - The Walk KK!

 photo source: EZY Box Sabah on Facebook

(photo source: Ezy Box Sabah)

Malaysia’s first unmanned store has opened in the humble grounds of KK city! EZY Box Store isn’t your normal kedai runcit as it operates with hi-tech AI systems all from the counter, to shelving, and even the ever-growing trend of e-cash payment systems. Just when you thought we’re nowhere near to witness a world of robots, this could just be one of the few steps. But it’s kind of scary, come to think of it. Yes? No?

It’s kind of hard to believe, how could one leave a store unmanned and be super confident with its security? With cutting-edge technologies of course! When you try shopping at the store, make sure to smile at the CCTV before you checkout!

photo source: EZY Box Sabah on Facebook (photo source: Ezy Box Sabah)


Believe it or not, this new intelligence was developed by Sabahan-born investors from Infinite Future System (IFS), paving way for hassle-free store managing and easy shopping! Whoever said Sabahans are behind time really don’t know what they’re talking about.

 photo source: Breeze Mag on Facebook

(photo source: Breeze Mag)

IFS is planning to branch EZY Box store outlets at various locations around KK for everyone’s convenience and not to mention, amazement. They might have just set the bar for the future of shopping! What’s next, robot waiters? Self-maintaining cars? You never know.

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  • Wow, AI… impressive…
    how do you really operate?


  • Respect & admire you for your good intention & highly educated foresight for the convenience of genuine customers; but the ratio of uneducated KK population (inclusive of the illegals/foreigners) is rather high which I believe may be the negative factor impending your success.

    Stephen Chung

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