This Kpop Boy Band is Coming to Sabah!

Valerie Lanjuran

Slowly but surely, more and more kpop idols are coming to Malaysia and performing here. The most recent kpop idol that was in Malaysia is TWICE for their world tour concert. I believe they arrived last night for their concert in Malaysia.

Well Sabahans kpop fans, you are in luck! This boy band, The King will be coming to The Land Below the Wind to meet their fans and they will be having a get together with their fans tomorrow! Yes, you heard that right! Tomorrow on the 28th July they will meet their fans in 2 different malls in Sabah and then on the 29th, they will be meeting their fans again at Suria Sabah.

If you are wondering who is The King, here is a short introduction to their group! The King is a five-members boy group that consist of Choi Rang, Se Jin, Dong Hyeok, Seung Jae and Bawool. They debuted under Stallion Entertainment on 28th November 2014 but they supposedly only officially debut with a music video on March 2017. If there’s a fan out there that know which is true, let us know so we can give the correct information! Here is their music video for you to enjoy!



If you are interested to attend the showcase, the details for their showcase is below,

28.07.2018, Saturday

Main Concourse, Concourse Floor, Oceanus Waterfront Mall, Kota Kinabalu
02.00 PM - 4.30 PM

28.07.2018, Saturday

Palm Square, 4th Floor, Centre Point Sabah, Kota Kinabalu
07.00 PM - 9.30 PM

29.07.2018, Sunday

Event Concourse in front of GSC, 8th Floor, Suria Sabah, Kota Kinabalu
01.30 PM - 4.00 PM


Come and support them for their Get-Together Tour Party in Sabah! From what I heard the admission fee is free so you can save some money to get presents for them and support their promotions!


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