7 Types of Students You See in Online Classes!

Online classes is our new normal now, how are you adapting? Here are some students that you may have seen in your online classes, or maybe you are one of them?

Never On Camera

99% of the students in your online class will be this type right? Even you! If there is one thing I know about online class, it is the fact that no one gets ready for class and is usually in their pajamas. Some even woke up 1 minute before class thus the sorry my laptop camera is broken, because urm hello no one should see our waking up face. Especially not your lecturers! Plus I am sure some of you actually sleep during online class right!

My Mic Broken!

Okay who did this before, says your mic is broken because you did not want to answer any question or maybe your mic really is broken… or you just have loud music or videos on… I surely did it before HAHA I was out during class but I did not want my attendance to be blank so… But the lecturer just has to call my name in that class!

Always Look So Focus

There are times when our lecturers force us to turn on our camera during class, which is for good reason as they need to see if you are really focused during their class. Usually there are a few students that look like they are really focused during class but are they really? Or are they reading something else on their laptop… or maybe even texting their friends in class?

Funny Background

There will always be that one person in every class that may cause something to make us laugh. It can be their cat suddenly walking and asking for some love or maybe their family members walking behind them… or their family members purposely making the whole class laugh behind them, it sure did happen to one of my class.

Your Mic is ON

Another type of students that seems to appear in every class are students that always forget their mic is on! You can hear them typing, moving or even talking! There are times when they did not turn off their mic after talking and the next thing you know is you hear their family members talking to them.

Internet Problem

This is the type of student that cannot be avoided as there will always be a student who struggles to get a good internet connection. Some of my classmates will be joining the class for one second and the next second they will leave the class just to join it again a few minutes later. You can see their notification going in and out every few minutes.

Always Late 

Online class or not, there will always be that one person who will be late for class right? I am sure there is at least one person in your class that is always late for class. You either have to wake them up or sometimes you just leave them be.

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