5 Food Malaysians Need to Try When Visiting Thailand

Thailand is a famous gateway country for Malaysians that want to travel overseas. I know that most people that travel to Thailand will either be visiting Bangkok to shop around, especially the girls or will be visiting the beaches to see beautiful and amazing beaches in Thailand. If there is one thing that you need to do if you are in Thailand tho, you need to try the authentic Thai food! I know Malaysia have great Thai food but nothing can beats the original right?

Tom Yum Goong (Spicy Thai Soup w/ Shrimp)

One of the most famous dishes from Thailand or should I say the most famous dish of Thailand? This is a must try if you are visiting Thailand. I know in Malaysia there are quite a few of good authentic Thai restaurant that serves amazing tom yum and even Malaysia tom yam is amazing! But you certainly will be missing out if you do not try tom yum in Thailand!

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Pad Thai (Stir-fried Rice Noodle)

Another famous dish from Thailand, Pad Thai. If you read any articles of food to eat in Thailand, this will certainly be in the list. (Same with tom yum goong) Both the locals and the foreigners enjoy this dish. Similar with most Thai dishes, this is a simple fried noodle with tangy and spicy taste that leave you wanting for more.

Khao Niow Ma Muang (Mango with Sticky Rice)

Is it too early to put a dessert in the list? I know you can find mango sticky rice in Malaysia but it is so hard to find a really good one here so why not while you are in Thailand, get a really good one. Although later when you come back to Malaysia you will be craving for a good and delicious Mango with Sticky Rice. Do not blame me!

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Som Tum (Thai Green Papaya Salad)

One of my favourite Thai dishes, Papaya Salad because of the fresh and sour taste to it. (Well to be honest, I enjoy most sour and spicy dishes) In Thailand you try various version of this dish as there are also salted crab som tum, fresh blue crab, fermented cockles or the classic dried prawn. There are still a lot of different versions of this dish out there!

Malang Tod (Fried Insects)

Enough with the food you can find in Malaysia, you should try the exotic food in Thailand which is fried insect. I think you can find fried insects at night markets and usually they will have a variety of options that you can try…Well only if you are brave enough, who knows if it will suit your taste bud. You can always get the insects in Malaysia and fry them yourself. (Okay I am joking but it is never bad to give exotic food a chance!)

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That are some of the dishes you have to try if you are visiting Thailand. Sure you can find most of the dishes in Thai restaurants in Malaysia but it is honestly so much better there. I think it is the water that makes all the different. Hahaha kidding, I hope you will enjoy your Thailand trip or I hope you will be planning to visit Thailand soon!

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