How to travel light and be fashionable

Approaching end of the year, and it's time for a break ! Regardless the destination you're heading for holidays, we want to make sure you travel in comfort and fashionable. Getting the right outfits might be an headache when it needs to be stylist and comfortable. Fear not, we have some useful and workable tips below to show exactly how to manage traveling light but fashionable. The major tip or skill is learning to play mix and match with your clothing especially during travel. Below are some notes to master mix and match with tiptopbandit collections.

1. Wear Neutral Colours

Neutral colours clothing are the best for travel. The plain colours can match with any accessories or pants easily. Here our ninja paired our pocket flowery shirt with a cute headband and red short skirt. There's she goes, cute and sweet look during her travel.

2. Light and Stretchable Material

Since, travel in big luggage can be very mafan. Our advise is to travel with lighter clothing in order to decrease the weight of your luggage bag. Plus, you'll be able to add on more outfits into the luggage bag.

3. Outfit with Creativity

Wearing the same style during travel can be very boring. Hence, add a little spice into your outfit to be fashionable enough to catch someone attention. Adding small details like pins or badge on your outfit does spice up your fashion sense a little. 

4. Symbolise Clothing

Fashion is about not losing your personalities. Not matter how simple your outfit should be, do find the point that shows your personality throughout the outfit. Like our ninja here, wearing our dare yourself shirt. What's life without challenging yourself ? 

5. Put on Accessories

Final tip from us, getting the right accessories to match with your outfit is one of the key takeaway to stay being fashionable. Our ninja has compliment our black flowery pocket shirt perfectly with an unique ourse sling bag. Pairing with a pair of shades will bring the look better.

Here's our humble tips on being fashionable and travel weightless tips for you guys. Hope you'll enjoy them. 

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