Travel Tips 101


Of all the books in the world, the best stories are best found between the pages of a passport. Sometimes we shouldn’t consider travel as a mere holiday activity or free time from work, it’s more about discovery, exploring and adventure. Everyone has an inner vagabond that’s waiting for opportunities to get out that door to experience the things you won't get to witness every day. Travelling all around the world, no matter the distance will always make a mark on your milestone as you’d make the most profound memories of your life. However, to achieve such satisfaction in traveling, one must endure the tedious necessity in planning.


I say ‘tedious’ because when your adrenaline is already pumped up to just get set and go, it can be a real chore to actually carefully organize your travel essentials. Maybe it is quite fun to just spontaneously head out empty handed to try out that ‘real survival’ experience unless you’re really that wild, you’re going to need to consider ways to plan your trip wisely for a smooth ride the whole journey.

Here are some vital tips every vagabond needs to know:

Plan your total travel time.


Especially if you’re going overseas, most flights can take up to more than 5 hours depending on the distance. While going around the globe involves different time zones, the time and day of arrival, sometimes the actual vacation might not start until 2 days after your departure. Set a travel time for your departure and return flights carefully to avoid taking up too much of your available time, if it is restricted.


Do your research.


After you've chosen where you want to visit, you will need to look up on places for sightseeing to unleash the ultimate tourist. In most places, attractions are in designated tourist areas, but the ones of your interest might not be. It will help to sort out your trip in clusters by visiting attractions one area per day.


Keep your money in check.


While what we all want is a carefree holiday, we may never lift the burden of budgeting expenses. It’s important to plan major travel costs such as flights and accommodations beforehand to ensure more flexible expenses during the trip.


Getting ready to go.


Once you’ve chosen your ideal flight dates, it’s time to get ready and go! I’m kidding, you are going to need to organize your luggage especially if your trip takes only three to four days, and don’t forget to consider the possible climate! It’s essential to keep your luggage organized during the trip to save the hassle of wasting touristy time and fun. Here are some manuals to ease your packing:

Sure, maybe you can argue with Marty Rubin who said “never have a plan, it’ll just get in your way,” but planning ahead is definitely just as important as enjoying your entire trip. Essentially, creating a generic and organized travel plan may be the hard part, but it’s not a costly price to pay for a trip that will be worth it. While it sounds like a drag, planning ahead can get you to where you need to be, when you need to, all at the same time promising an unforgettable experience.

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