Ways to get to Labuan from KK

With KKIA connecting Sabah to the rest of the world, thousands of tourist pour through KK at a daily basis. Interested tourist or some locals might ask this: how do we get to Labuan from KK? Here are 3 ways that the average person can choose from (maybe some people take helicopter? That I don’t know lah):


By Air

The fastest route to Labuan island is via the sky, 30 minutes to be exact. Maswings makes 6 trips to the beautiful island mainly at 06:30, 12:30 , 14:05 , 17:20 , 20:20, 21:05. Some of the flights are direct flights and a few of them will head to Miri first before heading to Labuan. Passengers go into the sky with a Aerospatiale/Alenia ATR72 aircraft that is designed for short-haul regional flying. People around me always complain about the weak air conditioning, but the truth is I have never experience such flaws while flying in this flights.


By Sea

 A cheaper but still less travel time option would be via Express Ferry. Passengers can buy their ticket at Jesselton Point Ferry Terminal which is just a few blocks away from Suria Sabah. The express leaves at 08:00 and 13:30. As the second fastest mode of travel to Labuan the express ferry takes 3 hours to reach Labuan, just about the length of a movie. Delays do occur and sometimes the midday trip either gets filled up pretty quick so makes sure you secure the tickets at an earlier time.


By land then sea

If you are not in a hurry and love driving, this would probably be your route of choice. You can take a bus from the bus station at the Bandaran Bus Terminal down to Menumbok or as mentioned earlier opt for a drive down there. Upon arriving at Menumbok,  there are multiple ways to make it across the sea to Labuan. Firstly, if you wish to drive your own car in Labuan, you can purchase the car ticket to board the ferry to Labuan. The ferry trip to Labuan from Menumbok would normally take 1 hour 45 minutes, but do expect delays if the weather is not that ok.

Aside from that, you can choose to leave your car at the multiple car parking areas at a fee. This parking area are actually renovated house compounds of locals living near the terminal area. Rates differ a little for each parking area , as well as the difference between normal parking and roofed parking. After leaving you car at your desired parking of choice, you can purchase a speed boat ticket at the ticketing counter inside the ferry terminal. Speed boat rides to Labuan takes between 25 minutes to 35 minutes. Tip for speed boat ride : sit at the rear most area in the speed boat if you don’t feel comfortable with bumps because as the name implies , this things are  pretty fast and bumpy, sitting at the rear most area will make things more “comfortable”, if not you can also board the ferry along with the cars.


Each route has its own form of enjoyment, if you ask me which one should you choose, I would say make a point to try all of it!

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Is it possible to buy ticket from jesselton point kk to get ferry ticket from menumbok to labuan?

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