OMG!! DOMINOS PIZZA is opening soon at T1 Bundusan!

Who saw this coming so soon? Just the other day CEO of Domino’s Malaysia and Singapore said that the company required time to prepare before opening outlets in East Malaysia… But look no further! KK Pizza lovers, time to rejoice! Finally, the famous tune of Domino’s delivery ad on the radio won't sound so sad anymore because they’re opening soon at T1 Bundusan!


photo source: @sabahdurianbao

Looks pretty legit. Does this place look familiar to you?


Where’s that you ask? It’s the new modern-looking commercial hot spot just along Jalan Bundusan. Yubiso recently opened a shop there and some cafes are expected to pop up too, and I’m pretty sure more exciting things are coming our way here in our little hometown.

Domino’s Malaysia currently runs 210 outlets in Peninsular Malaysia, and it’s about time they open up another 30 in Sabah and Sarawak, specifically in Kota Kinabalu and Kuching! Yes, 30 more!!! You can probably forget about that delivery ad already, the next thing you know Domino’s could be right in front of your house!


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Well, no official date of their opening is announced yet, but it looks like it's almost ready! Keep a close eye for updates, so you'll be the first to bring your friends! Prepare to be amazed by all your favorite pizzas especially with Domino’s various types of crusts, especially the latest Cheezy tarik crust! Now you’ll have more options to chose from to treat your big pizza appetite! Domino’s pizzas could just be your new favorite.

No official opening date yet but keep an eye for updates! It seems that more stores are branching out to Sabah and Sarawak from Peninsula Malaysia, one surprise after another. Who do you think is coming next? 


  • Mrs Val

    Hello. Congratulations for your new opening in kk. I just want to ask, I’m staying in inanam area. Do you make a delivery at inanam area?

  • elmer nicholas tan

    I want work at dominos at bundusan kota kinabalu

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