Are you a trendy person? Are you looking to start a modeling career? Or are you looking to be part of the TipTop Bandit modelling family? Cause we are on the lookout for people to model our very own TipTop Bandit brand alongside with few other retail brands we have in store. 

The header of your resume should include:
1. Photo portrait & few pictures of yourself (full body profile, side profile, back profile)
2. Tell us a little bit about yourself (hobbies, characteristics, strengths & weakness)
3. Height, Size (small, medium, large, for t-shirt and shirt, bottom wear(I.e 32 inches waist)
4. Relevant Experience

5. Where you from, Age, Gender, Nationality
6. Expected pay per session

Job Description:
We are not only looking for a model. We are looking for a model who is fun & spontaneous to work with.

You could specialise in various types of modelling, such as:

  • photographic, advertising and TV commercials
  • fashion and catwalk
  • in-house live modelling for designers and clothing wholesalers
  • promotional modelling (demonstrating non-fashion items at product launches and trade fairs)
  • alternative modelling, if you have piercings, tattoos or an edgy, diverse look. 

In fashion show modelling you would walk along a catwalk, turning to display clothes in front of an audience.

In photographic, advertising and commercial modelling you would:

  • pose for photographers in a studio or on location
  • take directions from photographers
  • act or deliver lines in TV commercials.

If you worked as an in-house live model, designers would fit garments onto you in the workshop, and you would show finished clothing to fashion buyers and private customers. You might also have basic reception and secretarial duties when not modelling.

As a photographic or catwalk model, you would work closely with stylists, hair and make-up artists, producers and directors. You would also spend much of your time going to castings for jobs and looking after your appearance.

Working hours and conditions:

You might work in fashion show venues, showrooms and stores, photographic studios or various other locations depending on the needs of a photo shoot.

Working hours could be long and irregular, depending on the type and amount of work you had.

The job can involve a lot of travel in the Malaysia or overseas to cities such as Korea, Japan, Australia Europe to attend castings, fashion shows and photo shoots


Earnings can vary widely depending on your experience and reputation within the modelling industry. We are paying accepted applicants per session and you get to keep a complimentary freebies from TipTop Bandit!

Please also include expected pay per session, and we could work out an agreeable amount depending on your experience and reputation within the modelling industry.

Skills, interests and qualities:

To be a fashion model you should have:

  • good grooming and willingness to look after yourself
  • fashion sense and awareness of trends
  • good coordination
  • confidence, self-reliance and discipline
  • a pleasant, professional attitude with good ‘people skills’
  • good time-keeping
  • patience, stamina and fitness to cope with long, tiring days and travelling
  • the ability to cope with criticism and rejection.
If you are serious in pursuing a career as a Model at TipTop Bandit send us your resume now to with the subject header "MODEL JOB RESUME"

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