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FREE COURSE: When Sales and Support Work Together, the Customer Wins

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Ensuring that your sales and customer support teams have aligned messaging, share mutually agreed goals and have open, honest discussions not only improves your customer’s experience, but boosts retention, staff happiness and ultimately, your company’s bottom line.

Join Head of Sales and Support from Pipedrive, Daniel Galvin, and Customer Service Evangelist from Help Scout, Mathew Patterson, as they provide insights into how to unite your sales and support efforts for the benefit of the customer.

Help Scout powers over 7,000 customers in 140+ countries, and is on a mission to make each customer interaction a personalized one. Pipedrive has scaled its sales and support teams from only a couple of people to 60+ agents in the past couple of years in order to support over 50,000 salespeople around the globe. In doing so, the sales and support teams have always acted as a joint force, first taking care of great product onboarding and later providing stellar product support.

What You Will Learn

  • How to unite sales and support functions in your company
  • How to align the messaging between the teams, so that customers hear your best value propositions
  • How to organize sales support your teams, so that they add value to each other's activities and drive high customer satisfaction
  • How to grow your sales and customer support teams alongside your customer growth

What You Get

  • 1 hour video lecture/webinar

When Sales and Support Work Together, the Customer Wins

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